Who we are ?

GLOSIA is a professional business accelerator based in Seoul
to provide professional sales capacity and strategic investment opportunity
for international clients that have innovative products and technologies,
want to execute successful market entry in Korea

We actively collaborate with ambitious international companies, that want to successfully land to Korea, and build up strong business presence in the market in a most solid and cost efficient way

Our highly professional sales staffs and partners have extensive experiences in value added sales activities and successful track record in a tough and challenging international business environment based in Korea, with direct business access to :
  • Decision makers in leading market players
  • Global OEMs based in Korea
  • Channel partners and key sales networks
  • Key opinion leaders in business circles of profile industry sectors

GLOSIA is your strategic sales arm
dedicated to your successful sales execution in Korea

We act as your personalized SALES TEAM in Korea, focusing on execution of professional sales actions for your sophisticated products and innovative technologies ranged from early stage innovation to a mature commercialized stage

Our sales competence has been built up on long and diverse sales experiences and successful performance under specific business environment of Korea while Korean market has grown to the 7th biggest trade country in the world. We’ve been building up close business relationship with key players in the market throughout global OEMs, such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, SK.. and leading innovative start ups in the profile industry sectors

We recommend you to focus on empowering your core value, while we focus on selling your highly-valued technologies and products

GLOSIA is a professional business accelerator to scout Korean innovations
and support their globalization process into the global market.

We engage actively with innovative Korean enterprises that are developing complex high-tech products and technology centric solutions and trying to expand into the global market beyond Korea. We support them to define their goal and reach their business objective leveraging our global sales capacity and investment network

We operate a GATEWAY PROGRAM TO EUROPE for innovative Korean venture companies to be able to expand their business into the global market via Europe based platform, having generated measurable value creation in global landscape

#3319, 33F World Trade Tower, 511, Youngdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea