Life Science
Life Science

What business areas we focus on ?

Life Science and Healthcare is one of main business of GLOSIA that owns a highly professional sales expertise and strong network in Life Science and healthcare business sector. We provide our business expertise to international clients that aim for business development or to attract strategic investment in Korea

Korean Life Science market has been growing remarkably for the past decade, eventually to reach to the 7th biggest market in the world by 2020. Consequently business opportunity in Korea has been growing fast in the Life Science sector, along with huge amount of investment, U$ 15 Bil for 4 years, from public and private sectors to be placed into the sector

Korean market is well known as one of the most R&D spending countries and business friendly eco system for innovative start-ups. We have successfully built up professional sales capacity in Life Science sector, enabling our international clients to access efficiently to those potential clients and strategic investors ranged throughout government funded institutes, big pharma companies and leading innovative start-up

In this growth path, globalization of Korean Life Science industries has become a hot issue to follow up proactively. Consequently market need for global collaboration with international market players has been growing fast for the recent years

Our expertise for the INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS are mainly through ;
  • Execute Sales activities and Develop Business Partnership in Korea
  • Develop Joint R&BD partnership targeted for commercialization in Korea and global market
  • Attract R&BD Funding and Government Subsidy Program
  • Attract Strategic Investment from industrial partners and investors
  • Attract Licensing in and out
Some example of our INTEREST areas are :
  • Innovative pharma products & technologies in PRE-CLINICAL or PHASE-1 stage :
    seeking for Strategic investment, Licensing out, Joint development & funding
  • Metabolism
  • Oncology
  • NASH
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Personalized diagnostic devices

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