Company Profile
Company Profile

What we do ?

GLOSIA was born to provide competitive sales execution
and strategic investment opportunity based in Korea for international innovative companies
to enter Korean market in a most appropriate way

Our main activities are focused on :
  • Support innovative INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES, mostly based in Europe and USA, for successful market entry into KOREA, to reach the goal to increase business in Korea, eventually expand to ASIAN market
  • Support DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES, born in Europe and USA, in need of professional business incubating process, to empower financial back-up and match strategic partnership with global OEMs based in Korea, to materialize its technical potential into commercial result in a global market via a Korea business platform
  • Support innovative KOREAN COMPANIES & TECHNOLOGIES, reach the goal to expand business into targeted GLOBAL market via a Europe business platform

We act as your dedicated SALES TEAM in Korea for
your highly sophisticated products, technologies, and complex solutions.

We focus on target business areas of :
  • Life Science
  • ICT
  • MEMS
  • Industrial Innovations
The scope of our SALES & INVESTMENT activity is to be designed in a customized way to the specific need of international companies that want to expand business in Korea in the range of :
  • Develop potential customers, and Sell your highly valued products technologies services, and increase your business
  • Build up your market presence with your own sales team in Korea in a most cost efficient way
  • Attract strategic investment from potential industrial partners and investors
  • Match making for Joint Research & Business Development, License In & Out for innovative technologies to be commercialized
Our reputed sales performance is mostly based on our specific profile of :
  • Extensive international business experiences and proven track record in technology driven sales & marketing projects
  • Wide B2B business network throughout key stakeholders, global OEMs based in Korea and leading innovative start ups in key industry sectors
  • Professional market knowledge and business insight in a business eco system in Korea

We provide a top level FDI promotion capacity for the Korean innovations
in its globalization process to the global market.

Our reputed performance in globalization support activities for Korean innovations has been built up based on our unique profile of extensive experiences of diverse FDI projects in the European markets and wide business network in key industry sectors in both Korean and global market

We operate a Gateway Program to Europe, aimed for ambitious Korean innovative ventures and start ups, which are keen to expand to global market, to support their globalization project via a business platform based in Europe

We put a high priority for Korean innovations to explore following projects in Europe :
  • JVC & Joint Business Partnership
  • Licensing In & Out
  • Strategic Investment In & Out
  • Incorporation & Listing on the technology stock market

#3319, 33F World Trade Tower, 511, Youngdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea